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“Promoting diversity and participation – a French-German Network for the exchange of best practice examples on the regional and local level”


Following the riots in France in 2005 as well as the controversy surrounding the Rütli school in Berlin/Neukölln, the network “Promoting integration and equal opportunities” was founded in 2006 by the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) and the Foundation Genshagen.


The Network sees itself as a social point of reference for the structural themes of inequality and discrimination against young people.


It has set itself the following goals:


  • bringing together youth workers from France and Germany
  • initiating the exchange of experiences as well as partnerships
  • creating a dialogue with political and economic representatives.
  • Every year sees an increase in dialogue and cooperation between the Network members. The Network brings together local representatives, scientists and politicians who are actively involved in youth work, and the different approaches between Germany and France have been a source of enrichment for each and every member.


The number and quality of Franco-German projects brought to life thanks to the Network clearly show the extent of its influence.


Since 2012, the Network has shifted its focus to promote diversity and participation.


Diversity: because the society that we strive for is peaceful in its variety and without fear of otherness; the network’s members are thereby initiators of national and international solidarity.


Participation: so that the young people we work with may not only realize their own potential today but may also, through their social involvement, take charge of the shaping of tomorrow.


In accordance with the subsidiarity principle to which the FGYO is bound, the CFB has been in charge of the Network coordination since 2012. The 7th Network meeting took place in the CFB’s premises. (See documentation in French or German.) The FGYO continues to be involved in terms of content and funding.


diversite1The Network’s activities are divided into several work groups:


  • Communication: promotion and publicity; search for new partners;
  • Project development: accompaniment of all projects taking place in the next years; setup, accompaniment, search for partners. This especially involves the FGYO intercultural trainers;
  • Surveillance and coordination: coordination of the entirety of the partners but also between the units as well as the finance sector (search for co-financing in order to secure the Network’s continuation);
  • Research: collaboration with the researchers working on the content of the Network’s activities.
  • The network is open to all professionals from the field of youth work from Berlin/Brandenburg and Paris/Ile-de-France.


For additional information, please contact the CFB: info@centre-francais.de








Logo Netzwerk Diversität und Partizipation